Back in June 2009, I revamped my original hockey uniform website, which now goes by the name The (unofficial) NHL Uniform Database. The images were much sharper and lifelike than what was shown on the original website that I started in 2001.

While that website looked great -- and now it looks even better with the 2010 redesign -- this website, which I originally created in 2004, seemed to be neglected. Then again, when the league hasn't been around since the Carter administration, there's really not much to update in the first place.

Finally, I started a project to redo this website -- and now I am pleased to present to you the all-new WHA Uniform Database!

You'll notice that the general appearance of this website is a little bit more plain than the NHL site. That was done on purpose -- being that the WHA was a league of the 1970s, my aim was to create a website with an appearance as if it was created in the 1970s. I'll leave it up to you as to whether I succeeded in that particular quest.

One inovation that I introduced when I re-did the NHL website was, by popular demand, a team-by-team history. I decided not to do that with the WHA site, because since the league lasted only seven seasons, there really wasn't a whole lot of history to detail team-by-team. Instead, I created a timeline of WHA franchises, so that you could see jersey changes and franchise shifts on one page.

I also created a page that will feature your thoughts. If you're a former player, coach, executive, staffer or season ticket holder, I want to hear from you! Write down your memories, email them to me, and I will post them on the MEMORIES page.

I hope you will enjoy the all-new WHA Uniform Database!